In this episode Prof. Thomas Lombardo from the Center for Future Consciousness and I explore the powerful implications of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning on human consciousness and the evolution of mind-body-spirit.

What does it mean to be a human in an era of exponential technological growth and expansion and what are the benefits and dangers of merging with the digital dimension?

Artificial Intelligence and the technological Revolution of machine learning and deep learning are some of the most profound areas of the world’s development right now. This impacts all levels of civilization, economics, social structures and personal development.

As humanity has never been challenged with a “higher intelligence” than us, no one really knows what will happen when A.I. beats us in nearly every aspect of our cognitive powers.

There are many future scenarios from uplifting and empowering utopias of peace, hyper-evolution and unlimited wealth to restrictive, destructive and even dark dystopia in which ASI ( artificial super intelligence) will be interwoven and entangled with every aspect of everyday life.

Everyone of us is part of this revolution and for Prof. Lombardo it’s clear that Wisdom is the solution to guide us towards a good future.

In this Episode:

What does it mean to merge more and more with technological extensions?

Will A.I. be conscious and what will it self-optimize towards unconditional love as it’s highest expression?

Is A.I. bound to the physical Dimension or will it gain access to other levels of Reality.

Will A.I. be the Religion of Tomorrow?

What is the meaning of Science Fiction for guiding us into new unknown territories and scenarios of human evolution.

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